Satellite e-club

If you want to be part of Rotary but can’t commit to attending meetings every week, then the Satellite e-club might suit your needs.
We are part of the Rotary club of Whangarei South.

You can still contribute and participate in all Rotary projects or you can advocate your own special project. You will be a full Rotary member.

We will focus on larger projects, some international and some local. Your contribution may be financial or hands on.
The cost to be a member is about $255 each year (depending on exchange rate) - contact us to indicate if you wish to join and we will be in touch
You can, if you want to, attend meetings at Whangarei South. There is an additional cost for meals (currently $24).

So if you are already a Rotary member and need an alternative or you want to find out if Rotary is right for you, get in touch.

Be extra-ordinary. Join Rotary.

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